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Dr. Allison Cameron, M.D.
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Dr. Cameron is a member of Dr. Gregory House's team of handpicked specialists at the Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital (PPTH), Diagnostic Medicine Department. She is an immunologist and was hired by House. Prior to working in PPTH, she was a medical intern at the Mayo Clinic and was one of the top in her class in medical school.

Cameron is the most empathetic member of House's team and possesses the best bed-side manner. However, despite her kind and earnest nature, she has undergone extremely traumatic experiences in her life. According to a conversation between her and House , she fell in love and got married during her college years. However, the marriage lasted six months, ending with her husband's death due to thyroid cancer that had metastasized to his brain.

She is also arguably the most emotional character in the series. She has been seen to be near tears in some episodes. This could also have played an important factor in her relationship between her and Dr. House.

Her emerging feelings for her boss can be seen as early as the fifth episode of the first season, where she showed extreme trust in House's leadership to the team and gave a Christmas gift, in which she asked House as to whether he liked her. House replied, "No."

The return of House's old flame, Stacy Warner, caused the relationship between House and Cameron to be placed in the back burner for the rest of the first season and half of the second season. While it is clear that Cameron still harbors some feelings for House, the future is still uncertain for the two characters despite a few "tease scenes" by the producers.

At one point, Cameron was at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS . A gay man infected with HIV/AIDS had coughed blood on her and she was potentially at risk. He suggested to her that she should enjoy life and experimentation a little more, causing her to take crystal meth and sleep with her co-worker, Dr. Robert Chase.

Cameron has been shown to possess a moral and ethical character, in which she is shown being conflicted by the actions taken by House to cure a patient suffering from the Bubonic plague. The patient, Hannah, needed a liver transplant, and her lesbian partner (who is a match) insisted on giving part of her liver to Hannah. Moral ethics were considered when Hannah admitted that she was going to end the long-term relationship with her partner. Cameron could not imagine asking somebody who is about to be dumped for half of her liver.

Cameron and Foreman's friendship became strained after she accused Foreman of stealing her idea for an article in a medical journal. When Cameron eventually confronted Foreman and apologized for the angry way she had treated him, she said that she didn't want to damage their friendship. Foreman replied by telling her that their relationship was purely professional, and they were by no means "friends." However, in a later when Foreman was dying from an unknown disease, he apologized. Although Cameron didn't accept his apology initially, she did before he was put into a temporary coma.

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